Molot, Apparently Russian-Made Not Lamborghini

A few days ago, the automotive world was shocked by the presence of new motorcycle, Molot. This Superbike touted results of the design of the Lamborghini. manufacturer of supercar from Italy.

However, as reported by the from the Gearhead, Friday 12 February 2016, Molot is the creation of original company Russia, Chak Motors.

Aggressive styling otobib and design features typical of Lamborghini, superbike is designed using the Honda CBR 1000 as a concept design.

Party, said Chak Motors CBR 1000 used a modified in total, so it is no longer visible to its original form.

Molot has technology Predictive Emergency Braking System (PEBS) and blind spot sensors are usually found in the superbike. There are also two high-resolution cameras on the front and the back, which was claimed to be able to detect the occurrence of vibration and maximizes control.

Unfortunately, currently there is no information on price as well as the energy released by the motor is capable of this phenomenal.


Wow, the Ferrari Enzo crash Behavior of the former To 1,568 million euros!

ferrariA car is a Ferrari Enzo in 2006 and then the terrible accident which made it split into two. Almost shapeless.

However, recently the car has been improved by the Ferrari Technical Assistance Service obtain certification directly from Ferrari Classiche.

Uniquely, his appearance is now changed with more impressive look! even this car was auctioned off and successfully sold with a price high enough, i.e. 1.568 million, as quoted from Carscoops.

This car crash on Pacific Coast Highway which is actually only 2 years out from the dealer at that time. Car repair origin Italy is arguably total due to replace all components as well as chasisnya.

This indicates that the interest from consumers for Ferrari cars are still too high. Even in conditions of severe accident post any price is still soaring.

In Chinese new year 2016, Tesla launch Model X Signature Red Limited Edition

tesla x
To celebrate the launch of the Tesla Model X all-electric SUv in China while the Chinese new year, California producers also released a Signature in red.

This is a limited edition model was accidentally released by Tesal to join to commemorate Chinese new year and added the color red. It is the color of the Chinese calendar are indeed identical red.

Model X Signature Red Limited Edition is specific to China and comes in a limited edition.

Then what about the price? Obviously, the price here will be more expensive than the standard version.

According to an alert Carscoops (6/2), Model X Signature Red Limited Edition was sold at a price of 1.48 million Yuan or equivalent to Rp 3 billion.

Hyundai Carlino, the concept SUV that is very shining at the Auto Expo 2016

Hyundai Motor India Ltd officially Unveils compact SUV concept car, Hyundai Carlino in Auto Expo 2016, New Delhi, India.

Hyundai India party asserted, concept car, made in Design Center Namyang, Korea, and designed in accordance with the market of India.


See his, contrasting colored Orange Carlino, reinforced with the concept of sports squarish taillight, masculine design with optional special tires, skid plate front-rear, roof rack, side air intakes, and suicide doors.

In addition, the shape of the main light so futuristic with LED daytime running. Unfortunately, Hyundai has not been willing to disclose more details of the concept car.

If later the Hyundai Carlino entered production lines, then it will directly deal with Ford EcoSport, Mahindra TUV300, the new model Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Viar Prepare Supermoto 250 cc, Based from the Cross X 250 SE

Successful surprise lovers of world motor trial with the presence of the Cross X 250 SE with a powerful engine, in 2016 is also preparing Viar version update. Will be present with the spec and the latest technology.

Viar Cross X 250 SE itself currently has capacity machine 249.6 cc with maximum power 19 kW at 9000 rpm and 23 Nm at 7000 rpm. To engine its fuel still rely on the carburetor.

“On the 250 cc motor on road (supermoto) later the engine already wear specs inj with some differences,” explained Frengky Osmond, of the Marketing Communication Division of PT Motorindo Triangle (Viar Motor). For the price, as the image of Viar Cross X 250 SE dibanderol Usd 34,630,000, it is likely the price is not much different that way.

For its own time still unknown harga yamaha nmax baru when, clear by 2016. Currently the latest from 250 cc supermoto Viar is still in the development phase conducted in Semarang. Let’s wait on the game.